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Our Mission

At Magic Education, our teachers focus on the student as a developing individual in learning a new language and culture and provide the appropriate support according to students' different learning style and the current level. We pay great attention to the learning environment as it relates to the specific needs of language development.

Our mission includes elevating the self-esteem of our students and fostering a positive self-image that embraces the students’ cultural roots. 


Our teachers will treat them with respect, dignity, compassion and understanding. Our teachers will serve as facilitators and a motivators in challenging them with high but realistic expectations depending on their individual needs.

Teachers will teach the skills they need for success in our society that will empower them to overcome difficulties and frustrations in order to achieve their full potential academically and socially. As a representative of Chinese culture, we also teach students new perspectives on life experience that are different from their own.


Our school mission also includes providing social and emotional support for our students by establishing positive relationships with students and their families.  We will work as a liaison between the school and the families, providing opportunities for acculturation and socialization, while encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s education. Lastly, our school mission is to increase our students’ Chinese language proficiency in the four domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Magic Education offers comprehensive services for kids of all ages , including Chinese learning, healthy lunch service, tutoring, and classes in arts and crafts, music, dance, math, martial arts, science, and AP test. We will take advantage of the modern digital technology in our teaching in order to help children develop problem solving skill and logical thinking. We teach in small groups, so we can build a closer relationship between teachers and students.


Please join us for an exciting and fun learning journey!

​ Our Staff

Coco Xiao


Chinese Teacher at Magic Education

I have been a language teacher since 2007 when I graduated from Shenyang university. In China, I worked at Shenyang broadcasting station. I had also served as a guest lecturer Department of Chinese language and literature, Shenyang University and taught college students Chinese Literature, while in the United States, I teach Chinese as a second language. I also teach Chinese as a foreign language at our local Church. From the this academic school year, I will be a full time  Chinese teacher at Magic Education after school program located in Foster City. My over nine years teaching experience indicates my passion and love to the career of the language instruction. As a Chinese language teacher, I am responsible for training my students to develop proficiency in the Chinese Language and a deep understanding of the Chinese culture. Through my target language teaching, I will encourage students to become life-long learners by teaching the idea that knowledge is power. 

Julie Huang, Ph.D 
Supervisor of Education Programs  
Science Teacher at Magic Education Programs
She uses multiple teaching methods that will actively engage students in their own learning. She also Carefully planned laboratory experiments, real world investigations, inquiry based understanding, and performance based study units are several methods to ensure students are mastering science concepts while remaining active in the learning process. She is a highly effective science teacher that will employ a variety of assessment methods to ensure that students are learning within the integrated science instruction.  
Anthony, PH.D
Computer teacher at Magic Education
Our computer teacher who is a computer science engineer with a strong educational background and experience, working at a big company, helps kids to learn basic computer skills. His class is stimulating, fun, develops new ways of thinking, and in a very short time kids can build programs that will impress their friends and family! 

Ceci Xu

Enrichment  Lead Teacher at Magic Education 

She earned a Master Degree in Motion Picture and Television Department at Academy of Art University in USA and Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan. She is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher in our After School Enrichment Program. She teaches  classes in a compelling way and has strong professional ethics and interpersonal skills. She has experience and a passion for working with young children and who has experience,background in the Arts.

Fiona Li
Music & Art Teacher at Magic Education
She helps students recognize and develop musical skills and also helps encourage and motivate students to explore their potential capabilities, Some students are natural performers who need a teacher to help them recognize their talent, while others are shy and benefit from seeing themselves perform even the smallest bits of dialog or movement on stage.
Our tutors with academic skills and training and also with a passion for what they do in both their academic and personal lives. Our tutors have over 22 graduate degrees,  and provided service to over 200 families.

We are also hired  high-energy team members who love working with kids to put on pep rallies, fun runs , and other activities for our camp programs. They are  great communicators with super-strong public speaking skills and  stellar organizational skills. 



Meaningful work. Every day you’ll be helping children and teens develop new skills and build self-confidence, while you develop your own skills and experience.


Caring culture. Character is what counts at the ME, where our values—caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility—shape our culture.


Our 2017 fall camp will be nestled among giant redwood trees on acres of lush forest, but a variety of cultural and entertainment venues are just a short drive away.  Whether you crave the beach or the excitement of city life, we’ve got it all.



Available Jobs at ME Camp in Foster City , CA:
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Assistant Counselor


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Other Positions



School  Age Director


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Project   Teacher

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