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We started small. If you trace it all the way to the very beginning, before our first home school even opened, you could say that Magic Education Kids School started as a value held dear to Coco Xiao. Above all else, Coco believes that education is the gift of a lifetime.


Coco Xiao

I have been a language teacher since 2007 when I graduated from Shenyang University. In China, I worked at Shenyang broadcasting station. I had also served as a guest lecturer in Department of Chinese language and literature, Shenyang University. In the United States, I teach Chinese as a second language. I also teach Chinese as a foreign language at our local Church. From the this academic school year, I will be a full time  Chinese language teacher at Magic Education. As a Chinese language teacher, I am responsible for training my students to develop proficiency in the Chinese Language and a deep understanding of Chinese culture. Through my language teaching, I will encourage students to become life-long learners by teaching the idea that knowledge is power.

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