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Frequently Asked Questions


About us

How do you provide the best for my child?

Our philosophy is all about encouraging your child to discover their own unique abilities and individuality. We do this by providing engaging educational programs, learning environment and activities and resources that will inspire your child. Our professional and highly qualified educators genuinely want to see your child succeed and will go over and above to tailor their approach to support your child’s unique development. Our centre offers high quality facilities and a guaranteed safe and nurturing environment to provide the best opportunities for your child while they are in our care.


Educational programs

What do educational programs in childcare achieve?

Early childhood education programs help your child develop strong social, emotional and communication skills as well as physical strength and fitness. These are essential skills to help your child grow and lay the foundations for a life of learning. Children learn in unique ways during their first five years. Our programs feature play-based and child-driven activities, rather than classroom style learning with homework, to help your child reach their full potential.


Will my child be taught things to prepare them for school?

Our proactive approach to early learning means we focus not only on the now, but also on preparing your child for school and for life. We deliver a school readiness program to ease your child’s transition to school, ensuring they have a positive start. To find out more, read about School Readiness - A Lifelong Learning program for children aged 3 years to Preschool under our Lifelong Learning Programs page .



Does structured learning mean my child will miss out on play compared to other childcare  schools?

Not at all. Our emphasis is on play-based learning, which is at the heart of the nationally-approved Early Years Learning Framework that our programs are shaped around. We will empower your child to learn through programs featuring singing, drawing, games, and group activities. We balance indoor play and learning with outdoor activities to appeal to all children’s interests.


How big are the class sizes?
We have smaller class sizes that are well below the maximums set by the national ratios for small-based services. This provides your child with a much higher degree of individualized care and attention. Book a tour of our school if you’d like to see firsthand the high level of interaction your child will have with their educators and other children.



How do I enroll?

The first step is to make contact with our school and express your interest in enrolling with us. It would be ideal if you are able to arrange a time to come into the school for a tour, where our Schools director will show you around our facilities and you can meet our team. We will provide you with an application form and will be happy to guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have. Please note that due to our high-quality facilities and individualized approach to your child’s care and education, our school is a popular choice in the local area and therefore there may be a waitlist. If necessary, we will explain the waitlist process and communicate with you regularly about your individual situation.

If you are ready to enroll, please either book a tour  or enroll now.

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