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Lifelong Learning Programs

Your child is on a development journey which starts at birth and has the potential to achieve amazing possibilities as they grow into the people they desire to be. We recognize this journey as Lifelong Learning.


The concept of Lifelong Learning is wholeheartedly adopted by us and our parent company, Affinity Education Group. It identifies that for all people, learning is pursued throughout life. Your child’s first five years are the most influential for their learning and development. This is when their brain develops faster than ever and when the foundations for ongoing learning are laid. Our Lifelong Learning Program educators are committed to nurturing the minds of young children during their fundamental early years by enhancing and instilling a love of learning that leads to growth, ability and resilience.


All early learning activities in our school are underpinned by our sophisticated Lifelong Learning Programs which adopt a play-based, child-centred approach. These programs aim to extend and enrich your child’s learning from birth to five years and through their transition to school.

Children in our care are transitioned through our three Lifelong Learning programs:

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Healthy Beginnings
For children aged 0-1 years

Early Experiences
For children aged 1-3 years

School Readiness
For children aged 3-5 years

The Lifelong Learning Healthy Beginnings program builds nurturing and loving relationships that promote the holistic growth and development of your child through their first years of life.

Lifelong Learning Programs

The Lifelong Learning Early Experiences program helps build a strong sense of self as your child develops relationships beyond their primary carer, and a greater awareness of their environment.

The Lifelong Learning School Readiness program aims to foster a sense of belonging, a positive disposition for learning and natural desire to engage with educational programs for life.

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