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Saturday Funny Chinese Class 

We have a great announcement for students and families who are interested in Chinese-culture. We will open a Chinese-culture class, Monday through Saturday. We will have great teachers for each class.

Preschool Style Chinese Class

This class is for 4-year old and up students (3 year old who already know some Chinese). This class is focused on learning Chinese in daily life.


In this 50-minute class, children experience a short version of international school life. We start with circle time, then move on to dance and arts (crafts), and end with good-bye circle time. We encourage students to engage in daily Chinese conversation.


Your child can learn Chinese like a native speaker. In this class, teachers let students speak Chinese and communicate with other students and teachers. This is the best way to learn Chinese. Several times a year, we will have parties where students can show the parents their Chinese ability.

* Please bring your own snack and drink for snack time

Chinese Phonics Class

This class will help children transform from a non-reader to a child who is capable of reading easy sentences and spelling in Chinese. Starting with the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, we hope the children can read sentences and stories by themselves by the end of the year.


Chinese Conversation Class

We teach conversational Chinese focused on a monthly theme in this class. Using role play, games, songs, and dances, we encourage children to express themselves in Chinese.




















Saturday Funny Chinese Class

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